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Personal Tazewell Divorce Attorney Guides You Through the Divorce Process

Receive fair settlements in your divorce with the help of our lawyers

The divorce process puts a strain on everyone in a family — spouses and children alike. When you go through a divorce, you want a lawyer who is understanding and compassionate and who also remains focused on achieving a positive result for you. At Altizer, Walk and White PLLC, our lawyers combined have more than 100 years of experience, and they know how to personalize their approach to divorce law to match your needs. Trust in us to represent you in a neighborly yet professional manner and support you during your difficult time.

Our Tazewell divorce lawyers seek fair property division and alimony

Divorce proceedings have many facets, and complications can arise in any area where your spouse refuses to cooperate. A Tazewell child custody attorney helps you to resolve as many disputes as possible out of the courtroom so that you can avoid exhausting and costly court appearances.

One of the first issues that couples going through a divorce must resolve is the division of marital property. The law defines marital property as any property or assets gained during the marriage. For example, if you have a car that you bought before your marriage, under some circumstances you retain that car after the divorce. However, if you and your spouse purchased that car during your marriage, it is subject to the property division process. Other property commonly distributed includes homes, land, money and items of particular importance to each spouse.

After the property division process, our lawyers may seek alimony (also known as spousal support) on your behalf to ensure you can maintain your standard of living. After all, you might lose a major source of income in your divorce, so you may require financial assistance to stay on your feet. How much alimony you can receive is influenced by a variety of factors, which include:

  • The length of your marriage
  • Your standard of living during your marriage
  • Your income
  • Your spouse’s income
  • Your medical needs

Our lawyers work with you to achieve fair results in the property division process and to obtain as much alimony support for you as possible.

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Divorce is a difficult, emotional process that requires a reliable lawyer to help put you at ease. You can trust Altizer, Walk and White PLLC lawyers to guide you through your divorce settlement. Put your faith in our experience and our compassionate approach to divorce law — call us today at 877-695-0258 or contact us online. We offer consultations during our regular office hours and evenings or weekends by appointment.

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